About Death Care

What is death care?

Death Care is a holistic approach to caring for someone nearing death.  We are all in the process of dying the moment we are born. No one can stop it. You may receive a diagnosis that gives you a better idea of when death will occur, but no one knows for sure.

Questions Like: Do I need to go to Hospitals/Hospice? Can I die at home? I don’t want to die alone but my family is far away? How do I talk to my children about my wishes? How do I talk with my parent about their diagnosis?

Being prepared and having control over the details around the end of our life can give you freedom to relax and enjoy the time you have left.

A Death Doula can help you navigate through decisions and plans that need to be made about your future.


What is a death doula?

Doula is the Greek word for servant or helper.  Like a birth doula supports a woman thru child birth, a death doula supports a person during the death process.  It is specific to that persons needs, beliefs and desires.